Derma Rolling

Derma Rolling, also known as micro needling, is an advanced skin care treatment to address fine lines, acne scarring (or injury scars), sun damage, stretch marks and overall skin appearance without the use of lasers or chemical peels. A special skin roller is used to create microscopic pin pricks through the skins surface which stimulates collagen production.

How long does it take to see results?

Initial skin tightening and pore reduction can be seen immediately, however you won't see your final results until 4-6 weeks after your treatment. Both collagen and cellular turnover are accelerated, but it still takes your body time to produce new, strong, healthy collagen.

Full Face Treatment* (40 minutes)

*Your derma roller is included in the price of this treatment to allow you to continue a home care regime, along with a full instruction sheet on how to use this amazing little tool! and receive maximum results.