Allergy season is around the corner...Ahh Choo!

Updated: Dec 21, 2020


The arrival of spring brings plenty to be glad about from budding blossom in the trees to the promise of some warm sunshine. However, as beautiful as it is, this time of year also heralds the start of allergy season for many people.

If puffy, watery eyes, a constantly running nose and sneezing fits aren't enough to contend with, common seasonal allergies can also wreak havoc on your skin, leaving you with a swollen, blotchy complexion. Here's how to put your best face forward when the pollen count rises:

  • Avoid using skincare products that contains common irritants, that can trigger further irritation to your skin when it is already feeling sensitive. Try calming, soothing and sensitive skincare products.

  • The combination of your eyes weeping and itchy is very unpleasant. Hydrating eye drops will do the trick and will help to clean the eyes of pollen a little.

  • Swap your foundation for mineral makeup! Mineral makeup will be able to cover red or patchy skin and also still be treating it with healing minerals at the same time.

  • Ditch the mascara, with hay fever comes itchy eyes and the risk of mascara smudging. Keep those lashes dark and thick by getting them tinted.

  • Give your nose special attention. If you use a balm around your nostrils, you can create almost a physical barrier to trap the pollen. It's actually a double benefit, because the balm will help lessen the amount of pollen you breathe in, but also soothe your nose which will probably be cracked and sore.

  • Carry a mist. A face mist, especially one that is quite wet, so to speak, is a very good idea if you have bad hay fever. The mist can help physically remove any pollen particles from your face, so be sure to throw one in your handbag before stepping outside.

  • Try to make your home a pollen-free zone. Those pesky pollen particles will cling to anything, so make sure you shower as soon as you get home and change your clothes. Keep your bedding fresh and preferably cotton. A fan running throughout the night might also be a good idea to blow pollen away.

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