Beauty Gift Vouchers & Why Everybody LOVES them!

Updated: Apr 28

Over the past decade, an abundance of psychology research has shown that experiences bring people more happiness than possessions do.

  1. Consciously caring - When you give a beauty gift voucher you are giving a precious gift of well-being. If there is one thing that most of us wish we had more of, it would probably be time. Time to relax and time for ourselves.

  2. Perfect for anyone - While some people think day spa visits are only for women, treatments are available for men and teenagers too. Beauty gift vouchers are ideal for anyone. Everyone likes to be pampered and all of Carmen's Clinic Spa Packages are specially created with a focus on wellness and well-being.

  3. Something to look forward to - Beauty gift vouchers give your recipient something to look forward to - a special treat for themselves.

  4. Convenient - They are easy and convenient to purchase online. Instant, email, printable. Also they are a convenient for your recipient as they have the luxury of choosing what day and time suits them best to ensure they can fully relax and enjoy their treatment.

  5. Surprise guaranteed - Everyone likes a surprise and they are bound to be surprised and touched by your thoughtfullness.

  6. Gift a special treatment - Some people know exactly which day spa treatment or package their loved one will appreciate. If that's the case, you can buy a gift voucher for that specific treatment.

  7. Gift a dollar value - If you are not sure what treatment your recipient would like best, you can buy a voucher with a dollar value. The lucky recipient can choose what treatment they book and top it up if they'd like to add on extra treatments.

  8. Grab a special - Carmen's Clinic offers special packages that change seasonally with gift vouchers specialised for these occasions eg. Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas...

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