Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Spring is here and we are ready to throw off our coats and grab our favourite pair of

flip-flops! Each day is more beautiful than the one before, and it has us thinking that, like mother-nature, we should add a little beauty into our lives too! To make you, and your day, a little bit more beautiful here are 5 tips perfect for spring:

Get Some Zzzs

It's important to make sure that you get enough sleep every night. Getting less than 7 hours of sleep can negatively effect you. Get yourself into a relaxing nighttime routine, and stick with it.

Drink Water

Drink plenty of water to help keep yourself hydrated, and make your skin look great. As a bonus, drinking water will also help your body transport the necessary nutrients to keep you healthy and energised!

Re-vamp your makeup bag!

What better time to clean out the clutter in your makeup bag than spring? Take a good look at all your products and see which ones you actually use, and which ones were just impulse buys. Surrounding yourself each morning with products you know work, and that you love will make you feel more beautiful each day.

Wash your brushes

Makeup brushes are prime breeding grounds for bacteria. If you use your brushes every day, you should be washing them every week. Of course, we are all human and this is definitely one of those chores that tends to fall by the wayside.

Check expiration dates

It's a good idea to remember to do this at least twice a year - and what better time than spring? Makeup and skin care products do expire, and if you keep using it, you risk break-outs and bacterial infections. Mascara should be tossed after three months, liquid liner and concealer after six months, and lipstick, lip gloss and foundation after one year. You should also check your moisturiser and sunscreen for an expiration date. If anything is expired, or you're in doubt, throw it out!

Take Supplements

It's true that beauty starts from within! Meeting your daily vitamin and mineral recommendations is essential for a healthy beautiful self. Reaching those goals can be hard though; adding vitamins and supplements to your diet is an easy way to make sure you are not falling short.

Add Some Fun

Nothing will get you feeling more beautiful than a great day with friends or family. Go outside and enjoy the warm weather; take a hike, have a picnic, or explore a new neighbourhood! Spending time and make memories with people who you love will put a smile on your face - what's more beautiful than that?

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